It`s Angela

A cool copywriter.

My Story

Copywriters barely talk about themselves. We are usually making an SEO strategy or a plan on increasing website traffic, but now it is the moment to meet the brain behind the words.

As a kid, I wasn’t a social butterfly, and my favorite thing to do was reading.

I majored in Computer Engineering, but my heart always belonged to the creative side. I started by writing poetry and posting them online for fun, but I saw an excellent reaction, so I decided to dive deeper into writing. 

So I studied more about copywriting, SEO, content marketing, etc.,  and decided to get into the freelance world in 2020. I learned how to get a client, deal with a client, and keep one for the long term. It was a challenge, but it taught me patience and developed my skills. 

After two years of freelancing, I decided to start working in a physical office because I thought it was the right time to challenge myself and get out of the comfort zone freelancing has.

There I had the chance to learn technical writing and learn even more about SEO since that company was a startup, and at the time I started working, they were building a new website. I learned a lot about page SEO, driving organic traffic to the website, etc. 

It was a good experience, but I decided to call it quits and work on building my network online, focus more on freelancing, and create a brand under my name. 

So here I am, a freelance copywriter with a new website, a few clients, and only a few supporters. Her I am, with a purpose to become a senior in my field. 

It will be a long journey, it is going to take me many failures before I achieve what I want, but I have the chance to write my own story. 

Cheers to big dreams!